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BCTC Test: Singapore PSB Certification Singapore COC Certification SAFETY Mark

Good quality American FCC Certification for sales
Good quality American FCC Certification for sales
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BCTC Test: Singapore PSB Certification Singapore COC Certification SAFETY Mark
BCTC Test: Singapore PSB Certification Singapore COC Certification SAFETY Mark
Singapore PSB Certification Singapore COC Certification



What is the SAFETY Mark?

The SAFETY Mark helps consumers and suppliers identify registered Controlled Goods. These goods must carry the SAFETY Mark either affixed on the Controlled Goods or their packaging (to be affixed in a prominent location). The mark consists of a “safety logo” and the words “SAFETY MARK” in a rectangle on the right. These goods can also be traced with a unique 8-digit registration number to the registrant and the registered models.

safety mark blank

PSB certification is mandatory for electrical products. Before the products enter Singapore, the number of the company with tax registration in Singapore must be used as the PSB certification holder.The product can only be sold in Singapore after PSB is obtained.

License-issuing unit PSB(Productivity and Standard Board of Singapore).A. certificate holder is the local company number in Singapore, without factory inspection and annual fee.B. certificate validity: three years.C. If Plug is included in the product, SS246 test certification report is required. D. There is no "serial" application for product certification (each certificate can only cover a single model).

1. Singapore voltage is AC230V/50Hz

2. The certificate holder shall be a locally registered representative company

Certification: safety labels should be placed on the products

Document requirements: CB certificate and test report with validity of security test within 3 years

All reports issued by PSB Corporation or accredited test laboratories in accordance with the Singapore standards are issued by independent laboratories recognized by the Singapore laboratory registration system.

3. Additional documents

Information on local representatives of Singapore;

Letter of authorization for Singapore safety regulations (stationery for local representative companies in Singapore);

If the CB certificate holder is different from the local representative company in Singapore, the CB certificate holder should produce the letter of authorization

Complete circuit/circuit diagram (including ratings) and part list (A3 size preferred);

English user manual;

Original label or clearly visible color photograph;

Color exterior and interior photographs;

The standards productivity and reform commission of Singapore (Spring Singapore) is a product safety agency developed by the ministry of trade and industry of Singapore, which is responsible for the consumer protection (product safety requirements) registration scheme (CPS scheme).Since April 1, 2002, consumer protection law no. 1991, replaced by consumer protection regulation no. 2002.The new regulations require that product safety compliance be evaluated based on testing by a third-party certification authority.Currently, 45 categories of products belong to the control category of mandatory certification products.

Singapore mandatory safety certification of 45 categories of products

No. The Name

1 Cooking range

2 Hairdryer

3 Electric iron

4 Microwave oven

5 Television/video display unit

6 Video cassette recorder

Component soft he LPG gas system(Hose, Regulator and Valve)

8 Gas cooker

9 Room air - conditioner

10 Table or standing fan

11 High - fidelity set

12 Rice cooker

13 Refrigerator

14 Vacuum cleaner

15 based water heater

16 Kettle

17 Washing machine

18 the Table lamp/standing lamp

19 Toaster, surroundings while, roaster, hotplate, deep fryer, wok and similar appliances

20 Any other audio products

21 Wall fan/between fan

22 Adaptor

23 Mobile split air - conditioner

24 Coffeemaker,slow cooker,steam boat and similar appliances

25 Laser disc set

26 Mixer,blender,mincer and similar appliances

27 Air cooler

28 Home computer system

29 Decorative lighting fixtures

30 Portable cooking gas appliance

31 Gas canister

32 pinrectangulartype13 - amp mains plug-in

33 Fuse(lessan oreal quality to13-amp)for use in mains plug

34 3 - pinroundtype15 - amp mains plug-in

35 Multi - way adaptor

36 3 - pin 36 portable socket - outlet

37 Portable cable biennial reel

38 Instantaneous electric water heater

39 Mains pressure electric storage water heater

40 Residual current circuit breaker

41 pin13 - amp socket - outlet

42 3-pin15-amp round type socket-outlet

43 Domestic electric wall switch

44 Ballast fortubular fluorescent lamp

45 Isolating transformer for the down light fitting

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