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BCTC:China Compulsory Certificate

Good quality American FCC Certification for sales
Good quality American FCC Certification for sales
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BCTC:China Compulsory Certificate
BCTC:China Compulsory Certificate

What is CCC

CCC stands for “China Compulsory Certificate”. Certain product groups must have a CCC certificate before they can be exported to China. It is a mandatory certification in China. The CCC certification is comparable to other certifications for the standardization of product quality and safety, such as the European CE system.

The CCC certificate was introduced in 2002. The authorities responsible for CCC certification (China Compulsory Certification) in China include the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA), China Quality Certification Centre (CQC), China Certification Centre for Automotive Products (CCAP).


CCC (also often called 3C certificate) applies to both imported and Chinese made products. Products requiring CCC certification must obtain CCC approval prior to being to being imported, bought, sold, and used or traded in in China. Improper use of CCC licenses or printing a CCC-mark on products without certification will also result in fines and penalties.



There are several different types of CCC certification:

  • CCC Certification (China Compulsory Certification)

This is a mandatory certification including product testing in China, an initial factory audit and subsequent annual follow-up inspections for products that are listed in the CCC catalogue.

This is a certification that applies to specific types of products. The manufacturer is required to obtain the self-declaration certificate. Certain requirements must be met and corresponding information must be uploaded into a regulatory online system. In addition, product tests in China are usually required.

Many products that do not fall under the CCC obligation according to the CCC regulations or require a CCC Self-Declaration can obtain a voluntary certification. Voluntary certifications provide an indication to the end user that a certified product meets certain specified quality standards. The criteria checked are very similar to those for standard CCC certification. Often the requirement for voluntary certification comes from the end customer or OEM, which is why many manufacturers requested or required to have products certified.

Products Subject to CCC Certification

Automotive components, electronic products and consumer products in typically require CCC certification.
Here you can find more information on certification-relevant products.



  2Issuance of the factory code

  3Product testing in China

  4Factory audit

  5Receipt of the CCC certificate
  6Marking with the CCC logo

The application for CCC certification and relevant supporting documentation must be submitted to the responsible authorities.
The main Chinese authorities accepting CCC applications are:

  • China Quality Certification Centre (CQC)
  • China Certification for Automotive Products (CCAP)

The duration of CCC registration depends on the workload of the authority, test laboratory and auditors. With good guidance, the process can be completed within approximately 3-5 months; however, this is highly dependent on the product type and specific requirements. The success of CCC registration is dependent on detail-oriented work according to the Chinese guidelines. The results of the product tests (with some tests being obligatorily carried out in Chinese laboratories) and factory inspection are carefully reviewed by the Chinese authorities and precisely cross-checked against the application forms and supporting documentation submitted in advance. In the event of errors or deficiencies, the certification will be delayed or denied.

Annual Re-Qualifications for CCC

To maintain the validity of the CCC certificate, follow-up certifications must be performed annually in accordance with CCC regulations. This includes application, conducting a one-day CCC inspection at the factory and providing evidence of product testing in accordance with the designated Chinese GB standard. The procedure of a CCC Follow-Up Certification is comparable to the initial certification, but it is typically shorter in duration and with lower costs.


Before CCC-certified products can be shipped to China, they must be marked in accordance with Chinese regulations.

The CNCA authority specifies the exact requirements for marking, which may differ depending on the product type.

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