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C-Tick Marks(Australia Certification)

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C-Tick Marks(Australia Certification)

C-Tick Marks(Australia Certification)
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Manufacturers in Australia, importers, or their authorised agent who are responsible for supplying radiocommunications, specified electrical and electronic devices or telecommunications equipment or cabling must comply with the applicable labelling notice, and therefore must have the relevant compliance mark, together with supplier identification, placed on the product.

The options for the identification of the manufacturer, importer or their agent identification are:

  • a business name and address in Australia
  • a business name registered on the national business register
  • a personal name and address in Australia of the place of business
  • an Australian company number (ACN)
  • an Australian registered body number
  • an Australian business number (ABN)
  • an Australian registered trademark or
  • the supplier code number issued by ACMA (upon application).

Note: If the trademark option is to be used, the supplier must hold a copy of the Australian trademark registration certificate including a true representation of the trademark with their compliance records.

The compliance marks are protected symbols and are only to be used in accordance with conditions laid down by the ACMA.

A company or person wishing to use the compliance marks must make written application to the ACMA. No fee is required to register with the ACMA.

Registration to use the compliance mark will only be accepted from Australian manufacturers or importers, or their agent, in Australia.

EMC, EME and Radiocommunications Compliance Labelling using the C-Tick mark

C-Tick Marks(Australia Certification)The compliance label indicates that the device complies with the applicable standard and establishes a traceable link between the device and the manufacturer, importer or their agent responsible for compliance and for placing it on the Australian market.

The requirements for labelling for specified electrical or electronic devices are:

The mark

To be used exactly as shown in the:

  • Radiocommunications Devices (Compliance Labelling) Notice 2003;
  • Radiocommunications Labelling (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Notice 2008; or
  • Radiocommunications (Compliance Labelling - Electromagnetic Radiation) Labelling Notice 2003

No variations are permitted.


The mark and supplier identification should be a permanent feature placed on the external surface of the device as near as practical to the model identification. Where this is not practical, due to the size or nature of the device , the label may be placed on the labelling, packaging, warranty or instructions of the device.

Method of marking

The label shall be durably applied by any suitable means such as printing, painting, moulding, etching or engraving.


The mark shall be legible and visible to the unaided eye no smaller than 3mm in diameter, with supplier identification characters no less than 1mm in height.


The label may be reproduced in any colour provided that visibility is assured through either contrast with the background colour or marking in relief (moulding, engraving etc).




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